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Comportamento / 14/07/2020

Intuitive people: 10 characteristics that differentiate them

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Intuitive people: 10 characteristics that differentiate them

Fonte Jennifer Delgado Suárez article - Rincón de la Psicología

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We created a society that honors the servant and forgets the present “. These are the words of Albert Einstein, who knew perfectly well the power and importance of intuition. Unfortunately, intuition was practically relegated to an esoteric level, sacrificed on the altar of rationality. However, we are all intuitive people, only a few have learned to pay attention to the messages of their intuition, while others ignore them.

What is intuition?

Antonio Damásio, a doctor and neurologist, explains what intuition is through his theory of somatic markers. In practice, intuition would be a pre-ion mechanism that occurs below our threshold of consciousness and is responsible for examining all options, deciding which are the possible paths between which we can consciously choose.

Intuition is a procedure that allows us to unconsciously value and discard alternatives, fundamentally based on our past experiences and emotions. That is why it is expressed mainly through bodily sensations, some people indicate that they feel it in the stomach or in the chest. This is also the reason why we are inclined to one option and not the other, but we are not able to explain the reason, it is just a feeling or a hunch.

What differentiates intuitive people?

1 - They hear your inner voice. Intuitive people have a special connection with their unconscious, so they are able to hear the inner voice that others ignore. By paying attention to these hunches or intuitions, they have “tuned” this communication channel more and more, so that they can better decipher the messages that their intuition sends them.

2 - They spend time in solitude. Intuitive people generally value solitude and enjoy the time they spend on themselves. During these moments, they take the opportunity to connect with the emotions and perform a deep exercise of introspection or simply calm the mind, essential for intuition to manifest.

3 - They listen to your body. Intuitive people have a special connection with the body, so they are able to capture the signals that intuition sends through sensations such as a “lump in the throat”, “butterflies in the stomach” or any other physical sensation that sends you that second brain. These people feel that something is wrong in their body, they have visceral reactions that they know how to interpret and use in their favor when making decisions.

4 - They are excellent observers. Intuitive people are usually very attentive, paying attention to details that other people don't notice. In fact, one of the secret weapons of intuition is precisely the ability to capture many details, understand them and predict what might happen. In this way, they also discover patterns or coincidences that others do not perceive, but that later become the basis for making other decisions in their lives.

5 - They pay attention to your dreams. Dreams are the unconscious's favorite communication channel. On many occasions, the unconscious mind chooses the fantasies of dreams to send us a message that can help us make better decisions. Intuitive people pay attention to the content of their dreams and try to find out. Obviously, not all dreams are messages the unconscious, intuitive people are also able to differentiate them.

6 - They connect emotionally with each other. Empathy is one of the secret weapons of intuition. Intuitive people are able to connect with others at a higher level, allowing them to help them or realize that they are going through a bad time.

7 - They leave aside “negative” emotions. Despite the fact that intuition can generate unpleasant feelings, intuitive people are able to manage them and do not remain blocked in them. In fact, they know that emotions like frustration, anger or resentment obscure their intuition. This means that they are usually very aware of their emotions and know how to manage them wisely.

8 - They know how to flow. Intuitive people develop great confidence, which helps them to face adversity with a more relaxed attitude.

They trust not only their abilities to face obstacles, but also their lives. These people know that everything arrives and everything passes, so they learn to flow without difficulty, they are not attached to situations, neither positive nor negative. This wisdom gives them great tranquility and serenity in the face of setbacks.

9 - They show great cognitive flexibility. Intuitive people don't have a hard mind, they are able to change their mind quickly when they have a hunch. This means that they do not even stick to their decisions, especially when they feel they are taking the wrong path. This cognitive flexibility allows them to correct the plan and get more best results.

10 - They look for the answers inside. Intuitive people do not isolate themselves the world, they take into account the circumstances and know when the wind blows in their favor and when it is against, but they always tend to search within themselves to find the answers. This means that when making decisions, they take into account your expectations, hopes and needs. Thus, they achieve a balance that allows them to make the best decisions.

3 problems that intuitive people face

Developing intuition a lot can also have its “adverse effects”, especially in a world logic is overrated and emotions are ignored.

1 - Not being able to explain why they made an important decision. Intuitive people often cannot rationally explain why they made a decision that does not make sense to others. In many cases, the absence of logical arguments can lead to discussions and problems, especially when other people do not understand them.

2 - Predict disastrous endings that no one else imagines. Intuitive people can predict disastrous endings, whether in a relationship or in a business. This certainty is often difficult to bear, as they may not always share it with others or pay no attention to them. Capturing small details that others don't notice gives them this special ability, which is not always welcome.

3 - Capture the negative thoughts and emotions of others. Intuitive people don't read minds, but this sixth sense often allows them to pick up little extra-verbal cues that help them form an idea of ​​what other people are feeling or thinking. Sometimes, realizing that other people are faking it without being able to reveal it can be extremely frustrating or irritating.

Is it convenient to make decisions, allowing yourself to intuit?

“When making small decisions, it is always advantageous to analyze the pros and cons. However, on vital issues, such as choosing a partner or profession, the decision must come the unconscious, a hidden place within us. In life's really important decisions, we must let the deep needs of our nature rule. ”

These were the words of Sigmund Freud, who referred to that feeling of right or wrong, of pleasure or visceral rejection, which we feel deeply within us and that sometimes we ignore hearing only reason.

In Psychology, there is what is known as Intuitive Intelligence, which would be our ability to solve problems, allowing us to be guided by intuition. In fact, in a series of studies carried out with nurses, doctors and entrepreneurs with many years of experience, it was found that their first intuition almost never failed.

Obviously, intuition is not an infallible mechanism, but it can be very useful when we need to make decisions in a situation we don't have a lot of information or it is very chaotic. In any case, it is always good to know what you have to say before deciding on either option. Therefore, the most convenient thing is to learn to listen to it.

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