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Direitos Humanos / 15/07/2020

No to Unemployment! - a very current reflection by José Saramago

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No to Unemployment! - a very current reflection by José Saramago


The very serious economic and financial crisis that is convulsing the world gives us the distressing feeling that we have reached the end of an era without being able to glimpse what and how it will be next. What do we, who watch, helpless, to the overwhelming advance of the great economic and financial potentates, mad to win more and more money, more and more power, with all legal or illegal means at their disposal, clean or dirty, regular or criminal?

Can we leave the exit the crisis in the hands of the experts? They are not precisely the bankers, the world's top politicians, the directors of the large multinationals, the speculators, with the complicity of the media, who, with the pride of those who consider themselves to have the latest wisdom, sent us to be silent when, in the last thirty years, we timidly protested, saying that we knew nothing, and for that reason they ridiculed us?

It was the time of the absolute empire of the Market, that presumedly self-reforming and self-regulating entity charged with the immutable destiny of preparing and defending forever and never our personal and collective happiness, even though reality was in charge of denying it each time. And now, when each day the number of unemployed increases? Will tax havens and numbered accounts finally end? Will the origin of gigantic bank deposits, of clearly delinquent financial engineering, of opaque investments be relentlessly investigated, which in many cases are nothing but massive laundering of black money, drug trafficking and other scoundrel activities?

What about crisis files, expertly prepared for the benefit of the boards of directors and against workers? Whoever solves the problem of the unemployed, millions of victims of the so-called crisis, who, due to the avarice, the evil or the stupidity of the powerful, will remain unemployed, temporarily ill-living on meager subsidies the State, while the great executives and managers of companies deliberately led to the bankruptcy enjoy millionaire amounts covered by armored contracts? What is happening is, in all aspects, a crime against humanity and this perspective it must be analyzed in public forums and consciences.

It is not an exaggeration. Crimes against humanity are not just genocides, ethnocides, death camps, torture, ive killings, deliberately provoked famines, massive contamination, humiliation as a repressive method of identifying victims. Crime against humanity is also what financial and economic powers, with the effective or tacit complicity of governments, have coldly perpetrated against millions of people around the world, threatened with losing what is left of them, their home and their savings , after having lost the only and so often scarce source of income, that is, their work.

Saying "No to Unemployment" is an ethical duty, a moral imperative. As it is to denounce that this situation did not generate the workers, that it is not the employees who must pay the folly and the errors of the system. To say “No to Unemployment” is to stop the slow but relentless genocide to which the system condemns millions of people. people. We know that we can get out of this crisis, we know that we don't ask for the moon. And we know that we have a voice to use it. In the face of the system's pride, let us invoke our right to criticism and our protest. They don't know everything. They were mistaken. They deceived us. We do not tolerate being its victims.

Text published by José Saramago in 2009

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