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Natureza e Meio Ambiente / 14/07/2020

Noam Chomsky: "Only a new 'green deal' can save us a new disaster worse than this pandemic"

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Noam Chomsky: "Only a new 'green deal' can save us a new disaster worse than this pandemic"


It is a long struggle against powerful forces: Noam Chomsky, an American intellectual, scientist and political activist, does not tell them that - in light of how states have behaved in the face of the emergence of the coronavirus - he calls for a significant change in direction.

And no, unfortunately there hasn't been one yet (despite everything that brought the coronavirus pandemic to light).

According to Chomsky interviewed by Marta Peirano for El Pais, putting public functions under private control is one of the main causes of much of the disaster caused by the coronavirus crisis.

And is this the direction we are taking?

American Jew of Russian origin, Noam Chomsky (born in Philadelphia in 1928), studied philosophy and mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania and later specialized in linguistics. He is the founder of generativist theory, which had great repercussions in the field of psychological, logical and philosophical research, and these are the most difficult criticisms of neoliberalism.

The interview starts right here: historical cycles are not predetermined, they are the result of people's actions and the neoliberal period, he says, was built by destroying workers' movements.

But one can think, even remotely, that this quarantine could be evidence of a real “general strike”.

“It was already happening, even before the pandemic - he says. Over the past two years, even in the United States, there has been a recovery in attack power. Even teachers conservative and non-union states have expressed their opinion against the destruction of public education according to neoliberal principles; the loss of funding, the massification of classes, the test-based programs designed to create automata. They showed in Virginia, Arizona, not only to improve wage conditions, but also to improve teaching conditions. And they got great social support, even in the most reactionary states. Then there are industries like General Motors. There is a regeneration of the labor movement and other movements and it is not marginal. ”

In fact, Chomsky focuses on one point: if we don't talk about the real cause of this pandemic, the next one will be inevitable and it will be worse than the previous one, due to little attention paid to the root of the problem.

“This is an efficient advertising system: ignore what is important. He doesn't want people to have different ideas, “he says.

To end the crisis, emissions must be stopped. There are small startups that develop solutions to do this, but they need financial support and, in this sense, many governments are deaf.

“Watch the fight for women's rights. It is not as if someone stands up in 1965 and says that we will win women's rights. This is a long struggle against powerful forces ”.

What about the question of whether or not this pandemic is an opportunity to change the way we relate to nature? Cristina Magdaleno asks about El Dìa.

“It depends on young people - concludes Chomsky. It depends on the reaction of the world population. This could lead us to authoritarian and repressive states, which further accentuate the neoliberal model. We must remember: capitalism does not yield. They demand more funding for fossil fuels, they destroy regulations that offer some protection ... In the middle of the pandemic in the USA, rules that limit the emission of mercury and other harmful substances have been eliminated. And if nobody is opposed, that is the world that will remain ”.

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