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Natureza e Meio Ambiente / 03/08/2020

Colombia, the country with the most murdered environmentalists in the world

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Colombia, the country with the most murdered environmentalists in the world

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Colombia has been a colony of American imperialism for some time, a puppet state. Not that Brazil has not been, nor is it, however, our neighbor demonstrates an even greater deepening of the situation.

As in Brazil, Colombia has an agrarian situation landowners play a role of extreme domination, imposing their will both for the co-option of the State and for the murder of opponents. According to the British NGO Global Witness, the Latin country led the number of murders of defenders of the environment and land in 2019.

Of 212 environmentalists signed in 2019, 64 were Colombians. The only country with a value close to this was the Philippines, with 43 murders (an increase of almost 50% compared to 2018). What both countries have in common are the far-right governments and quite subservient to imperialism and local oligarchies, most of whom are linked to the latifundium.

In 2020, more than 50 Colombian indigenous people have already been murdered by the extreme right, a grenade has already been thrown against the indigenous headquarters and not even children and adolescents, as happened with a 15-year-old. This shows that Colombia is experiencing a very violent dictatorship at the service of the powerful.

But not only indigenous people, environmentalists and traditional peoples are attacked by US puppets, but also the opposition. Recently, former members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), who lowered their weapons and tried to integrate into the “democratic” regime, have been persecuted and murdered by government supporters. For this reason, it is an act of extreme naivety to think that fascist governments will comply with any and all agreements. On the contrary, as soon as the oppositions are disarmed, demobilized, they will soon implement successive attacks against them.

Recent imperialist actions in Latin America show that monopolies are deepening the closure of dictatorial regimes. The populations of Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia are experiencing real terror at the hands of the extreme right. There is also an intense imperialist movement to use these countries against Venezuela, one of the few points of resistance to imperialists in the region. Therefore, there is a need for leftist organizations on the continent to unify around this problem and expel, through popular mobilization, the extreme right of power. The time has come to put an end to this situation, before the population is without any capacity for reaction.

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