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Política Internacional / 05/11/2020

US elections: Find out how to count votes in each state

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US elections: Find out how to count votes in each state

Fonte BBC

With the result set at 44 out of 50 in the United States, the outcome of elections in the country is not yet defined.

With 243 delegates confirmed and an advantage in the states of Nevada and Arizona so far, Joe Biden is closer to victory than Donald Trump according to the findings so far.

The Republican candidate, the current president, Donald Trump, has amassed 214 delegates and still has a path to victory - if he confirms his advantage in the states of Pennsylvania, George, North Carolina and becomes the state of Nevada, Biden is. ahead.

In a poll marked by the coronavirus pandemic, the high volume of votes cast in advance by post may delay disclosure - nearly 100 million voted in advance until Monday (11/2) and not all ballots were counted.

Another complicating factor is the design of the electoral process in the United States, which is indirect. Americans do not actually elect presidential candidates, but members of the Electoral College, the body charged with choosing the mandate.

In total, the country has 538 delegates. The number per State is determined according to the number of representatives that each unit has in Congress (House of Representatives and Senate). To win the elections, a candidate needs 270.

With the exception of two states, Maine and Nebraska, the rest distribute all delegates to the candidate who obtains the most votes at the polls.

Key States

Biden achieved victory in two of the three states of the so-called "blue wall", a term used in reference to the Democratic Party's color: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Considered bastions of Hillary Clinton's party, in 2016 the States gave Trump a majority by a narrow margin of votes.

In 2020, Biden can already count on victory in Michigan and, according to vehicles like the New York Times, he also has the victory in Wisconsin guaranteed. In Pennsylvania, Trump has an advantage, but Biden can still turn around - and the votes that remain to be counted are those made by mail, Biden is believed to have an advantage, since Trump encouraged his voters not to vote by mail.

The three states are part of what became known as the "rust belt", the heart of the industry that boosted the country's economy in the 20th century and which was later hit by a process of de-industrialization, accelerated by increasing international competition and globalization. A combination of factors that resulted in increased unemployment and migration to other regions.

Another key state in the dispute is North Carolina, which counts 15 delegates, is one of the states in which the polls did not clearly indicate a winner - and, with 95% of the ballots counted this afternoon (4/11) ), the dispute remained tight, with Trump in the lead. In 2008, Obama won by a small margin in this historic Republican enclave. He lost four years later, as did Hillary in 2016, when Trump was elected.

The same goes for Georgia, which has 16 delegates and is considered, according to analysts, a more important region for Trump than for Biden, who would have other alternatives if he lost in the state. In 2016, Trump won by five percentage points there. Democrats last won the state in 1992, when Bill Clinton was elected.

If he confirms his victory in Arizona, Biden only needs to confirm his victory in the state of Nevada to win the election. He has only 7,000 votes ahead of Trump in the state, and 200,000 votes to count. To win, Biden would need about 45% to 47% of the un counted votes in the state, according to CNN, and most of the votes that remain to be counted are Democratic regions, such as the city of Las Vegas.

When will the results be known?

The result of the elections in general is known on the same day of the vote.

This may not, however, happen this year. In addition to the large volume of votes cast in advance, the result may be delayed by an eventual process of judicialization of the elections - Trump has already said that he would go to the country's Supreme Court to try to invalidate the votes by mail.

There is even a fear of social unrest depending on the outcome of the ballot box.

For the first time in its 25-year history, the International Crisis Group, an organization whose mission is to "turn on alerts to prevent deadly conflicts" issued a report on the elections in the United States.

According to the group, the country is facing an "unknown danger".

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