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Política Nacional / 06/11/2020

MP denounces Flávio Bolsonaro for criminal organization

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MP denounces Flávio Bolsonaro for criminal organization


'Rachadinha'. Son of the president will also have to answer for alleged money laundering and embezzlement in the Queiroz case

The MP (Public Ministry) of Rio de Janeiro denounced Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (Republicanos-RJ) for money laundering, embezzlement and criminal organization in the alleged “cracked” scheme in his office when he was a state deputy in the Rio Assembly. Justice accepted the complaint, the son of President Jair Bolsonaro becomes a defendant.

The prosecution also denounced the retired military policeman Fabrício Queiroz - currently under house arrest and appointed as operator of the scheme - in addition to 15 other Flávio's former aides.

The "crack" is the popular name by which the alleged collusion that worked inside Flávio's office became known, in which the advisors returned part of their salaries.

In one of the statements to the MP, former advisor Luiza Sousa Paes admitted that, despite being registered, she never served as an employee of the president's son. She also stated that she was required to return about 90% of her salary and presented bank statements to prove that she had delivered approximately R $ 160,000 to Fabrício Queiroz for seven years.

Other side

The defense of Flávio Bolsonaro was manifested shortly after formalization. “The complaint was already expected, but it is not sustained. Among procedural vices and narrative and mathematical errors, the accusatory thesis forged against Senator Bolsonaro proves to be unfeasible, because it lacks any evidence of proof. It is just a macabre and badly engineered chronicle, ”says an excerpt the note.


The investigation began in 2018, when the Coaf (Financial Activities Control Council) identified an “unusual movement” of R $ 1.2 million in Queiroz's accounts. The council also stated that the president's son received 48 suspicious deposits of R $ 2,000.

Queiroz was arrested in June of this year after being found in Atibaia, in the interior of São Paulo, at the home of Flávio's lawyer, Frederick Wassef.


Peculato - Misuse of public money. In other words, the essence of the “crack”. When passing on their salaries, the former advisers would be practicing the crime, as well as their bosses.

Criminal organization - Flávio Bolsonaro, Fabrício Queiroz and the former advisers, participating in the alleged “cracked” scheme, fit into what the MP considers a criminal organization. In cases like this, it is customary to appoint a person - Flávio, in this case - as "intellectual author" of the crimes committed by the group, in addition to an operator - Queiroz.

Money laundering - Flávio and Queiroz are the key point of the accusation. As the “intellectual author” and the scheme operator, respectively, would have acted to launder the money allegedly diverted public coffers. This may have happened in different ways. In the case of the senator, with alleged real estate transactions in cash, for example.

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