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Saúde / 24/03/2020

In the Care of His Excellency, António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations:

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Doação Humanitário de projeto para combater Coronavírus.

In the Care of His Excellency, António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations:

The World Parliament of Security And Peace - World Parliament of Security and Peace - Parlamento Mundial de Segurança e Paz, duly registered with CNPJ 13.498.430 / 0001-27, registered with Ecosoc Esango U.N. Civil Society Organization under number 677206, with Headquarters in the Federative Republic of Brazil, in person of its President Humanitarian Ambassador for Peace, Mr. Celso Dias Neves U.N. volunteer registration no 781504, r and Sir. José Augusto Sansão Assad, High Commissioner for Human Rights of the (WPO) and Global Director of (WBI) World Bureau Inteligency the (WPO Counter-terrorism core), register ecosoc esango number 649970.
Your Excellency. Mr. Secretary-General, as well as all active members of the United Nations are in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic - (COVID-19), and until a vaccine has been found to contain the virus, we must all find ideas and solutions in order to save as many lives as possible, and due to that fact, I, José Augusto Sansão Assad, I am a Brazilian Technological Inventor, and through my ideas, concepts and inventions, for many years of my life I have been developing technological solutions in order to minimizing geographic and social crises on the planet, and in a moved way with the victims the (COVID-19) pandemic, it was no different, I sought a highly viable solution that can be used in the current pandemic crisis and for other crises that consequently are still going appear on the Planet, because it is very sad and unfortunate when doctors all over the world have to make choices as to who among the patients will live or die, since it does not matter whether the country is developed or not, there are no "Mechanical Pulmonary Ventilation Machines" in the world in order to supply the demands in the event of pandemic crises, accidents arising natural disasters, conflicts and various wars around the world.

Please, analyze the facts:

Coronavirus or not, choosing between placing a patient on an artificial respirator or not is the daily burden of doctors. But the current epidemic is in danger of forcing them to "rank" on a large scale, raising ethical questions. And critically ill patients require resuscitation and great attention, causing the saturation of hospitals in some countries. Under these conditions, which patient should benefit "Mechanical Pulmonary Ventilation Machines"?

(The Covid-19 pandemic has already killed more than 13,000 people worldwide and more than 300,000 cases have been officially registered)
Good practice guidelines have been around for a long time to reassure medical teams, as these are decisions that doctors make every day. To make this choice, three evaluation criteria are used, which also apply to the coronavirus: "the patient's desire", his general health status and the severity of the disease. Regarding the patient's desire, the doctor also calls families to discuss the situation in advance, because resuscitation is "too heavy" for severe cases of Covid-19, with possible sequelae in the event of survival, especially for the most fragile.
"The patient stays for three weeks with a machine that breathes for him, is asleep and paralyzed". Thus, since there are not enough "Mechanical Pulmonary Ventilation Machines" and also not enough space to install the machines, resuscitation can be "impossible", and the specialists, observing such deficiency end up referring patients to palliative care, which many sometimes do not work, as the resuscitation criteria can become stiff due to the large influx of patients and limited means. And due to the large number of patients, and limited quantities and space for the machines, doctors are obliged to prioritize the patients, in other words, it is a real war just like field hospitals, this is called "classification", as in battlefield the seriously injured are left because they are thought to die. At this time, the "Mechanical Pulmonary Ventilation Machines" are now being used for those "patients with the greatest chance of survival."
"As for the means available, doctors are concerned to ensure that it is not a lottery", thus highlighting a set of criteria to be associated, such as age, and underlying diseases. While the number of patients is increasing, it is also necessary to "stay in the long term". "Patients who present themselves now should not be privileged over those who will arrive in a week or 15 days. In Italy, the country most affected by the (Covid-19 pandemic), hospitals are already saturated and doctors are doing what they can to help, ie, the doctors cannot perform miracles, as they try to save only those who have a chance to survive", because the decision is made by age, by health condition. As in all war situations".
Now, we can and will change this chaotic situation across the planet with the essential and fundamental cooperation of the United Nations, since the federal government of the Federative Republic of Brazil has also embraced this cause, and has also been sent to the United States Embassy of America in Brazil on "March 19, 2020", as well as for the White House Website, both sites, (Brazil and U.S.) were sent by Facebook. P.S. → It is important to clarify that this invention is donated to humanity in a totally philanthropic way.

...(((...Mechanical Pulmonary Ventilator Circuit - Connection to Gas Source for Ten Patients...)))...

Description of the Technological Invention:

→ Mechanical Lung Ventilation Circuit with Connection to a Gas Source for Ten Patients just with a single Mechanical Pulmonary Ventilation Machines;

→ Connectors of the proportional pneumatic supply hoses for ten patients → AR: DISS male connector (1) 3/4 ”-16 and Oxygen: DISS male connector (1) 9/16” -18, together, without the need for " piece PIECE Y "for Orotracheal Intubations;

→ Connections for Oxygen and Compressed Air → Patient Expiratory and Exit Valves for Ten patients.

→ Heated Humidifier with Proportional Jar for Ten Patients;

→ T-shaped Universal Oxygen and Compressed Air Valve Connector, adaptable to any Model of "Mechanical Pulmonary Ventilation Machines.

I thank you in advance for the opportunity given to me and also wishing for all Infinite Blessings of God.


March 23, 2020
Celso Dias Neves
World Presidente WPO
E mail
What Sapp 62 81518881

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